InBoard Training program

Cooper Moore Nov 17 – Nov 25

11/17 no pulling

I planned to work with cooper on not jumping up – but we haven’t really experienced much of that today so I changed gears and we worked on not pulling on the leash.  I put some low value foods on the ground and ignored his pulling towards it – rewarding him when he stopped pulling. When he didn’t even try anymore he was rewarded with the items on the ground.  We did this a few times. I don’t like doing this too much in 1 session so we then switched gears and worked on loose leash walking.  Cooper really wanted to investigate the room and thought this meant the sessiion ended I think. After a few minutes he did focus on me and we practiced our walking.  When I walked at a good pace he did well and stayed focused.  Good job Cooper

11/17 Flat on Mat

Cooper was a little shaky at his matwork at first–he kept getting distracted by something and hopping off, but to his credit, all it took was a firm “flat” and pointing to his mat and he went right back. In fact, at the end of the session, I had filled a star spinner with lots of his treats while he held his mat, and I released him to go get it as a reward. He went and checked it out, but after determining it wasn’t as cool as he thought, he went back to his mat and waited for more. What a cutie! – Casey

11/18 No Jump = Paws Up/Off

Cooper worked on some polite manners with me today where we worked on some strategies for no jumping and his “off” cue. I started out by seeing if some play would get Cooper to be a bit more bouncy and jumpy and while it did get him excited he was more “zoomie” excited than into jumping on me.  We practiced a cue called “Paws Up” where I ask Cooper to put two paws up onto something – this can be a useful cue for getting him to step up onto things like the scale at the vets office, into a grooming tub or onto a table, or up into a car.  Cooper did an awesome job and by asking him to put “Paws Up”, I was able to consistently ask him for an “Off” and give him a high value reward for putting all four paws on the ground/ –Jenny

11/18 Flat on Mat during Dinner

Cooper had a session this evening where we worked on having him stay on his mat while I acted like I was doing something at the table. Cooper struggled with this session and I think it has to do mostly with the fact that we did it in the kitchen area of the building, where there are lots of novel smells. I started him off leash at first thinking if I just kept a good rate of reinforcement we wouldn’t need the leash… but I was wrong. Once I put Cooper on the leash and upped my rate of reinforcement he did better, but still got up every now and then. We finished the session with a special kong filled with frozen carrots and yogurt for him to have while on his mat. Having those special kind of treats on his mat reinforces his desire to want to stay on the mat with his goodie, and sure enough, he did not get up from his mat until he was finished. – Casey

11-19 Mat work with Duration

Today we did a session with Mat training and duration.  Cooper did a great job with his mat work.  I made noise and moved around the room opening and closing things to see if I would be able to get him to stay on the mat.  He got up a couple of times but overall did a great job.  We even played with the puzzle toy at the end of the session to get him to use his nose and find the treats, he did an awesome job. He was very eager to go to his mat during the session today.  Well done!! Liz

11/19 Leave Its (Makeup session for Thanksgiving)

For our session today we did our leave its session.  We used today to make up for a Thanksgiving Holiday.  We did some back to back leave its and he seemed to catch on quickly.  He did not like the noisy squeak chicken toy, but did seem to like to walk by it. After he lost interest in the leave it board we did some attention walking to keep him focused on me.  We used the leave it board again towards the end with me tugging on the toys to get him interested and then asked him for a leave it and he did an awesome job.  Well done Cooper. Liz

11/19 Office Dog

Cooper worked on his mat skills in a new environment today. He was very distracted and kept popping up from the mat to go sniff around so we went back to the beginning and slowly increased the distractions/amount of time he had to stay on the mat. In the end of the session I raised my rate of reinforcement and he held his down stay for a while. What a smart boy! – Robin

11/19 Paws Up/Off (Makeup session for Thanksgiving)

For his last session of the day, Cooper worked more on his paws up/off cue. He knows his off cue very well but not really his paws up cue. He would do paws up on an agility table but couldn’t generalize the cue for other places, like a cinder block or a chair. We worked on strengthening paws up because if he can generalize that then his “off” will also become generalized and stronger. We broke up the session with some play times because I could tell he needed the break. He had lots of fun playing keep away with the tennis ball. – Robin

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Puffin Potts 11/17 – 11/19

11/17 Choose to Heel

Puffin was a little slow to warm up today, but once he started to see the pattern in the game we were playing, he really started to open up and show his excitement. He didn’t seem very fond of his harness at first, either. He was definitely happy to visit with everyone we encountered on our way to the training room, though! – Casey

11/17 Off

we worked on teaching Puffin that “off” means 4 feet on the floor. We start by teaching him to put 2 feet on an agility table ( we don’t want to teach them to put paws on something they aren’t allowed to do this on) and then to remove his feet for “off”. This is useful when a dog jumps on a person or puts their paws on a counter or table, to use “off.”  I use “hup” to put 2 feet on an object. At home any object that is dog approved – or even a small stool work great. Puffin clearly didn’t think putting 2 feet on was good enough and jumped up with all 4 feet. While this will still teach “off” dogs have trouble generalizing and I wanted him to understand that putting 2 feet on something and then hearing off means 4 on the floor. I put up some cones to make the table smaller and this worked. Puffin did great on this once we got it flowing.  He was really getting the concept. It will take many more sessions for it to be fluid, but he did great – Cat

11/18 Polite Greetings – on leash

Puffin worked on some polite greetings where a person walked up to him and he had to hold a sit or keep all paws on the ground before he could say hi.  We played some fetch before our session to wear him out a little bit and to let him meet both me and our assistant trainer, Cheryl, to make sure he was comfortable working with us both.  Puffin was pretty distracted at first and so we worked on some focus work and walking around the room on leash with Cheryl before starting on some greetings.  Once he got more focused Puffin did a wonderful job – not jumping up once and even holding his sit for a few repetitions. –Jenny

11/18 Shaping Matwork

Puffin and I did a session to introduce him to matwork, which is where we want the dog to maintain a downstay on a mat once the mat is presented. Puffin always seems a little uncertain at first about new people and new things, so I’m glad that we shaped this. Shaping encourages the dog to offer new and different behaviors in order to ‘figure out’ what the person is asking for. He seemed to really enjoy this method of learning and by the end of the session was confidently putting two feet on the mat–he knows he was doing well! – Casey

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Gracie Lancaster Nov. 2017

11/17 Choose to Heel and Loose-Leash Walking

Gracie and I had a nice little refresher session on loose-leash walking in preparation for her upcoming CGC test. She was a good littler worker but seemed a little nervous while we were training. I think it just had to do with there being a lot of loudmouths in with us today. We had to take it kind of slow with walking and rewarded every few steps or so, otherwise if we took more than that, she would blaze ahead and get distracted. – Casey

11/17 CGC skills

Gracie and I worked on some of her CGC skills in the presence of another dog. Gracie really wanted to go visit – but when she realized that wasn’t happening she settled down to work.  We practiced some sit/ down / focus work around the other dog – as she settled in more and more we were able to work on some loose leash walking.  We did not pass the other dog and stayed on our end of the world. She was doing really good with this – while she did occaisionally want to investigate – she really redirected well.  A little more practice and she will be there!  I loved working with her – she wants so much to please. Cat


Ziggy met a new friend named Gracie.

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Skylar Byrne Nov. 2017

11/17 Focus Around another Dog

Skylar and I had a good session today where we worked on having her focus in the presence of another dog as a form of impulse control. I was very impressed with how she kept herself pretty mellow around the other dog, except for a few instances. Cat had said when she had worked with her that Skylar was pretty motivated by food, but she seemed to be either not-so-much with me, or full-up! Even so, she was a good little worker who walked very nicely with me in this session. – Casey

11/17 OFF

we worked on “off” by also teaching 2 paws on (“hup”). We had Skylar put 2 paws on an agility table and then asked him to get “off”. Skylar tried to outfox me by getting “off” by continuing forward and putting 4 paws on before getting off. We finally came to an understanding of 2 paws on and Skylar did great. Skylar was very motivated by the food in this session and may not have been “thinking” enough about the task she was doing. It will take a few more sessions for this to be fluid.  His command is great when a dog puts 2 paws on anything you don’t want – people, counters, etc. Cat

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Archie Station Nov. 2017

11/17 Leave It

Archie and I had a great session this morning working on his leave its today in the kitchen area. He wasn’t interested in a lot of the things that were out that I thought he might be interested in, so we reverted back to doing the milkbone leave it exercise in the kitchen. He did so well that I dropped his leash entirely and called him back and forth across it. – Casey

11/17 Off

Archie and I worked on an off command. We started this by having him learn to put 2 paws on an agility table (something he is allowed on) with the command “hup” and then asking him to off and rewarding 4 feet on the floor. Archie did great at this game – we did a few rounds of “on” (4 feet on table) as well. Archie was super motivated by the food. At the end of the session we played with his rope toy and practiced this when he jumped up on me and when he put 2 paws on the counter in the room – he responded immediately. I will take several sessions for this to be fluid but he is doing great. Cat

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Bella LeFort Nov. 2017 Dayschool

11/16 Leash skills

Bella worked on some leash skills with me and focus work in this session where we began off leash walking some patterns around cones and then leashed up and repeated the exercise.  Bella was not super focused at first but gradually got better as we continued.  We worked with his kibble for the most part in this session and I found that when I kept a nice brisk pace to our walking she was much more focused.  She’ll get to practice some focus around other dog in her next session and this was definitely a challenging warm-up! –Jenny

11/16 Leash Walking Around another Dog

Bella and I had a very productive session today where we built off of the leash skills Bella practiced with Jenny this morning and threw another dog in the mix. It took her a little while to adjust to the other dog being there, but after a while we fell into a good rhythm of being able to co-exist with the other dog there and do lots of good heeling. We practiced walking nicely for treats from me, for catching treats, and getting some snuffle time (“go sniff!”) for ignoring the other dog. Good stuff today, Bella! – Casey

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Mac Carr Nov. 2017

11/16 Nice to Meet You!

Mac had a great first session at dayschool today! He was a lot more jumpy than his brother, so we spent more time focusing on four-on-the-floor. He had to do some real thinking to put the behavior together, but once he did he looked pretty solid in his conviction to it. What fun little guys they are! – Casey

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Fionn Carr Nov. 2017

11/16 Nice to Meet You!

Fionn had his very first session at dayschool with me today where he was more than eager to get started learning and playing right away! We spent most of the session working on our preferred polite greeting behavior: four-on-the-floor! Fionn was a bit jumpy at first but started to put it together pretty quickly that if he jumped up on me, he didn’t get treats, but he if kept all four on the floor, he got lots of treats and happy praise. He was a great little worker in the session and stayed engaged and attentive the entire time! – Casey

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Jett Carmack Nov. 2017 Dayschool

11/16 Treiball – Line Up and Push

Jett worked on some Treiball skills with me starting with pushing the large yoga ball and then working on lining up behind the ball.  Jett was in a very chipper move so we played some ball to get some energy settled and then got to pushing the ball around.  I set up a mini soccor goal and had Jett push towards the goal.  Jet was very good with a single push and we worked a bit on getting that consistent and we can then move towards getting in multiple pushes.  We then worked on getting him to line-up behind the ball (a common starting position for Trieball games).  Jett had a challenging time at first not going to immediately push the ball but eventually he would just go and line up, occasionally offering a sit.  Way to go Jett! –Jenny

11/16 Retrieve to Hand and Put Your Toys Away

I had forgotten how good Jett was at bringing things and dropping them in your hand upon request. We were able to move quickly from having him deliver the toy to me to having him deposit it in a bowl instead. What I was most impressed with was how he was able to get sent from a distance in the direction of one of his toys, go and get it, and bring it back to my hand or into the bucket. We’ve missed you, Jett! – Casey

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Ghost Johnson Dayschool Nov. 2017

11/15 Work for Play

Ghost and I had a fun session today where he had to show some impulse control before getting the toy that he enjoys.  I had several toys set out around the room but he seemed to enjoy the Frisbee the most.  Ghost and I worked on his sit and down stays, attention walking and recalls which were intermittently reinforced with a game with a toy.  Ghost’s distance stays were awesome but we have some work to do on his stay while I walked around him, I think this was new for him and like most dogs he wanted to pop up when I would walk behind him.  So we worked in small increments of me moving as if in a circle around him all the time making sure he was successful.  Great job Ghost!!  Mandy

11/15 Loose Leash and Focus outside

Ghost and I worked on some walking and focus outside.  Ghost gets VERY distracted by things in his environment so we mostly worked on getting his focus back.  He was not too interested in treats so instead I would release him to go sniff the grass or bushes as his reward.  He was pretty distracted throughout our session but did have some good moments.  I got a really good idea of where he is at for focuswork around distractions so we’ll probably do something less challenging next time to build up a nice focus pattern that is strong and consistent before taking things outside again. –Jenny

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