InBoard Training program

Abby Merical May 16-20

on May 16, 2018

5/16 Mat work with Beau

I worked with Abby today on mat work while Mandy worked with Beau. We worked individually with them on their mat work but next to one another. We took turns moving while one was on the mat and also worked at the same time on the mat. I also took turns giving them treats while each were on their mats. Abby had the better stay so I did the treat giving to each of them at the time. She is a sweetheart and I enjoyed working with her and with Beau earlier in the day. – Karen

5/16 Basics with Beau

I worked with Abby in this session on her basic behaviors while Karen was doing the same with Beau.  Both dogs were happy to see each other before we started.  This was Abby’s first session and she was a little tentative and did not seem to like the leash over her head and so I transferred it to the front of the harness.  Abby and I worked on her focus, sit/stays and loose leash walking, she worked well around Beau and I enjoyed working with Abby.  Mandy


The first session we did with Abby was a buddy walk with bother Beau and the two walked very well together.–Joe


In our next session we worked on trading spaces and each one receiving their own treats. I think each of them did very well. – Joe

5/18 Basics with Beau

I continued with a similar session I had worked with Abby on Wednesday, Haley was in the room with us with Beau and I had Abby start on her mat while Beau was up and moving around working on his leash skills.  We then switched and finished the session with the two dogs sitting close to each other while a I gave each dog a treat one at a time.  Mandy

5/18 Life Skills walk (no video)

To reward all the hard work today – Abby and I did a life skills walk.  Cat

5/19 Active – Settled Stations

Abby worked on changing between a station stay and working on a new trick in this session to practice the pattern of taking turns.  She was a little unsure about the pattern at first, but eventually did some very nice repetitions. –Jenny

5/19 Mat Work with Beau

Abby did very well with this. We took turns with Jenny and Beau jumping through a set of hoops and practicing mat work while the other focused on the jumping game. Abby did great with both sides of this and remained consistent and focused throughout the session! Remy

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