InBoard Training program

Kingsley Skutnik-Wilkinson, May 2018

on May 17, 2018

5/17 Life Skills Walk (no video)

Kingsley practiced not pulling on leash, focus work and some basics like sit and hand touches on a nice walk around the business park.  Kingsley was very interested in sniffing this morning, so I released him to go sniff in a grassy area along the start of our walk and as long as he did not pull, I continued to let him sniff.  When we were ready to move on, I would ask Kingsley to “look” and we would rebuild focus and then continue on our walk. –Jenny

5/17 Focus Around a Dog

Kingsley worked on his leash skills, focus, and basics around a rambuncious puppy in this session and did a very nice job.  He was a little sneaky at first and would try to suddenly pull towards the other dog if he thought I was not paying attention, but eventually he settled into a nice rhythm and listened to his cues very nicely! –Jenny

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