InBoard Training program

Rizzo Calamari 5/17 – 5/20

on May 17, 2018


Rizzo and I had a great walk around the block. He found some very interesting smells and did focus back on me when he was asked. He did great! – Joe

5/17 Focus Around a Dog

In this session, Rizzo practiced his leash skills and focus around another dog.  We started with some slight pulling and barking but Rizzo really focused nicely and we were able to practice a few CGC-style neutral dog greetings.  Yay Rizzo! –Jenny

5/18 Recalls over the Leave it board

Today Rizzo and I practiced his recalls over the leave it board to add some difficulty to his recalls. He was an absolute rockstar and wasn’t bothered by the interesting toys and things on the leave it board when I called him to me. Such a smart boy! -Haley

5/18 Drop It

Rizzo learned to drop a toy in order to get a treat.  By the end of the session he was stopping his tugging game to drop the toy for the treat and he was doing retrieves and droping the toy for the treat – even when he didn’t see the treat.  great job Rizzo.

5/19 No Jump Costumes

Rizzo worked on some no jumping with a few new visitors (that smelled an awful lot like Jenny in different costumes) and worked on some no jumping and basics manners.  Rizzo was a little distracted at first and really wanted to be in the “changing area” with our visitors, but eventually get into the groove of things and did some nice repetitions. –Jenny

5/19 No Jump

This was my first time meeting Rizzo, so we spent a teeny bit of time in the beginning on focus work. Rizzo did very well with no jumping. He did randomly at the beginning, but as the session went on, even with added excitement, he was very good about keeping all four paws on the floor! Good boy, Rizzo!!! Remy

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