InBoard Training program

Stu Rodgers 5/17 – 5/24

on May 17, 2018


Stu and I had a get to know you session. He has lots of energy, but is very focused when he needs to be. I think we can work on several things for him. -Joe

5/17 Paws Up and Off

Stu practiced two cues in our session today that can be used with practicing no jumping- “Paws Up” to put his front feet up on a surface and “Off” to put four paws on the ground.  Stu really started to get the hang of this! –Jenny

5/18 Down

Today Stu and I had a session on sit and downs in the lobby area of our building. This was a very exciting change and he had trouble focusing at first but ended up doing a really great job in his session. I focused mostly on luring him into a down. He wanted to keep his bottom up in the air but I only rewarded him when he laid his whole body down. -Haley

5/18 Skills Review

This was my first session with Stu so we did a skills review. He was very interested in the treats in my hand so we did a short bit of “it’s yer choice” where he learns he can’t pry open my hand to get the treats – he must earn them and then we worked on his down for just a bit — Great job Stu – Cat

5/19 Focus in Lobby

Stu worked around some distractions in the lobby area and working on some basics, focusing, and no jumping.  He is a very eager worker and did a nice job staying engaged with me.  Sometimes his excitement would get the better of him and we would get some jumping so we would use our “off” cue and I would redirect him to a mat and practice holding a down.  Way to go Stu! –Jenny

5/19 Impulse Control

We practiced this using a bowl of kibble. Stu did very well with his “wait” command. He definitely wanted the food, but did a wonderful job holding off and waiting for the “O.K.” to eat. He was excited, but very focused and eager to please. Such a good boy, Stu!! Remy

5/20 Paws Up/Off and Leash Manners

Stu and I worked on reviewing paws up and off and then we worked on his leash manners. He is such a high energy dog that it was a little hard to get him to stand still long enough for me to put the harness on. I made sure to include plenty of play breaks to keep him interested and he did a great job focusing back in on the training when we were done playing. What a good boy! – Robin

5/20 Buddy Walk

Stu worked on his leash manners around another dog. He was very very excited to see the other dog and would pull towards her. As long as the other dog wasn’t in sight, he would focus.

5/21 Focus with Dog (video cut off before end)

Stu worked on some focus work and leash skills around a dog friend – Kona, who he has played with several times during his stay.  Stu was VERY excited to see Kona and really wanted to go visit, so we worked on bringing attention back to me and keeping a loose leash.  We made some progress, but Stu was still pretty distracted.  We’ll keep practicing! –Jenny

5/21 Distance/Duration Stays on platform

Stu did fantastic! He had no problem hopping right on top of the platform. He is always very focused and eager to please, today was no different! He did a great job with both stays, although if he had to practice one a bit more, it would be duration. Over all, fantastic focus and a genuinely fun dog to work with!! Good boy, Stu! Remy

5/22 Leash Manners

Stu practiced walking on a loose leash and focusing on me around dogs outside.  He would look at the dogs and look back at me and made a point to keep me between the dog and him everytime we came by.  He did great – Cat

5/23 Life Skills Walk

Stu worked on his leash skills in this session practicing loose leash walking and attention outside.  He had a little trouble staying in the heel position and preferred to be ahead of me but did not really pull at all.  He started offering attention all of his own and more and more would walk in heel through our walk.  We took some break along the way to just work on focusing or release him to go sniff in the grass.  –Jenny

5/23 CGC Skills

Stu did very, very well!!! He was super focused throughout the entire session! He did everything I asked him to in a timely manner. He was also very consistent! He was a bit excited, therefore making him somewhat jumpy. I do believe, a lot of the reason he is so excited is just being so very happy to learn! As the session progressed, he became less and less jumpy. Overall, fantastic job, Stu! Love working with you!  Remy

5/24 Leave-Its

Stu did a very nice job with this!! We used a leave it board with lots of very exciting, interesting toys on it! He was most definitely interested in them, but did a very nice job leaving them be, when asked. He really progressed throughout the session as well! Although, he did take extra interest in a rawhide bone. He had a little more trouble resisting this treat, but by the end of the session he had definitely improved and seemed much less interested. Awesome job, Stu!!  Remy

5/24 Life Skills Walk (no video)

Stu worked on some loose leash walking and focus outside around the business park.  He is really doing a great job with his walking! His focus needs a little more work in terms of duration, but he is getting better at offering eye contact and checking in with me each time we work.  –Jenny



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